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InstiTech is more than just a staffing agency. We have options to fit every employer’s needs:


Direct Placement

  • InstiTech recruits to your specifications and handles all pre-screening.

  • You interview only the best candidates.

  • Hire the candidate directly onto your payroll for a cost-effective fee billed in installments.



  • InstiTech recruits to your specifications and handles all pre-screening.

  • Reduce your hiring risk by getting to know the employee while they are on InstiTech’s payroll.

  • InstiTech covers all payroll costs such as worker’s compensation, insurance, taxes and benefits such as holiday and vacation pay.

  • Simple weekly billing reduces your administrative costs.

  • Hire employee directly at the end of the contract with no additional fees.

Contract Placement

  • Includes all the benefits of contract-to-direct placements.

  • Candidates are placed at your company for a limited time or for the duration of a project.

  • InstiTech offers additional benefits to long-term contract employees, including paid holidays and vacations.


HR Support

  • Pre-screening of all candidates

  • Reference checks

  • Background checks (if required for position)

  • DOT license checks (if required for position)

  • Degree verification

  • Drug screening


Payroll Services

  • Evaluate an employee your company has recruited before hiring them directly.

  • InstiTech handles all the paperwork, payroll, benefits, and related payroll insurance costs at a reduced rate.

  • Hire the employee on a direct basis at any time with no additional fees.

We provide solutions.

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“InstiTech has been a great partner to my company. They are very good at sourcing highly skilled candidates to fill my positions. Their recruiters are very detail minded, the information I receive from them on a candidate is invaluable to me in making my hiring decisions. I appreciate the time and effort that InstiTech’s recruiters put into not only finding a candidate, but working to find the BEST candidate for my positions. I would highly recommend InstiTech for your skilled positions.”

Jamie S., Human Resources Director

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